How to get Kenyan citizenship

Kenya visa onlineWhat are the requirements for Kenyan citizenship? The Constitution of Kenya confers citizenship by: (i) Birth and (ii) Registration.

Citizenship by birth
An individual is a Kenya citizen by birth if at the date of his or her birth; one of the parents is or was a citizen of Kenya. This is regardless of where the person is or was born.

Section 30 of part 6 of the constitution provides how persons born before 12th December, 1963 became citizens by birth.

Regaining Kenya citizenship
A citizen by birth who acquired citizenship of another country, and abdicated the Kenyan citizenship may regain citizenship by submitting to the Ministry of Immigration the following documents: duly completed application form; copies of Kenyan passport or identity card previously held; passport or citizenship certificate of the other country; and 2 passport size photographs.

Citizenship by registration
Spouses, widows and widowers of Kenyan citizens are eligible for registration as citizens of Kenya, providing they have been married to citizens of Kenya for at least seven years.

The requirements include duly completed application form; marriage certificate; certificate of good conduct; sworn affidavit to proof that the marriage was not entered into for the purposes of acquiring citizenship; proof that marriage is existing (applicable to spouses); Copy of death certificate (applicable to widows and widowers); copy of national passport, copy of Kenyan passport or identity card of the Kenyan spouse; and 2 passport size photographs.

Lawful residents
Applications under this category are made by persons who have been resident in Kenya for seven years immediately preceding the date of application and must have been residing under authority of an entry permit or exemption.

The requirements include duly completed application form; copy of national passport; certificate of good conduct; copy of the permit held for the last 7 years; proof that the applicant is not adjudged bankrupt (personal bank statement); proof of contribution made to the progress or advancement in any area of national development within Kenya or capability to do so; and 2 passport size photographs.

The applicant must be able to understand and speak Kiswahili or local dialect; have adequate knowledge of Kenya and of duties and rights of citizens as contained in the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act; and he or she must understand the nature of the application.

Renunciation of Kenya citizenship
Declarations for renunciation are made by citizens of Kenya who wish to voluntarily renounce their Kenyan citizenship.

The requirements include the original Kenya passport and identity card; renunciation form duly completed; and a copy of passport or citizenship certificate of the other country

Disclosure of dual citizenship
A dual citizen is required to disclose her/his other citizenship within three months of becoming a dual citizen.

The requirements include declaration form duly completed; 2 passport size photographs; Kenyan identity card and passport (original and copies); and Non-Kenyan passport or/ and certificate of citizenship (original and copies).

The application form is available for download at