7 Habits you will never find in highly successful people

Habits of successful people
Successful people are not easily tricked into get-rich-quick schemes. PHOTO/FILE
Whether they business executives, athletes, scientists or politicians, highly successful people have intrinsic habits that separate them from unsuccessful individuals.

These admirable habits include setting long term goals, learning from mistakes, creating their own opportunities, reinventing themselves, taking risks, among others.

Here are seven habits that are never found in highly successful people.

1.) Laziness – Many people are slackers and that is why they do not achieve great things. Successful people, on the other hand, have mastered the art of hard work. They also know one fundamental truth: it takes hard work to get lucky – which is why they are always focused and disciplined.

2.) Over-sensitivity – Being too sensitive to criticism and rejection is a success-limiting behaviour. Successful people are so thick-skinned that they can take any unfavourable judgement with a sense of humour. This helps them to avoid amassing negative energy that can easily derail an entrepreneur from the success path.

3.) Instant-results mentality – We live in the times of instant coffee and too many people want instant riches as well. The world of success does not work that way.

Warren Buffets aptly puts it that: “Money doesn’t fall like manna; it takes a long time to build and anyone looking to save should have a long term view”.

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4.) Living in the past – Most people spend their lifetime thinking about their past failures. This is self destructive. Successful people, on the other hand, look at their past failures as life lessons for success.

5.) Naivety – Successful people are not gullible. They are not easily tricked into get-rich-quick schemes. This is because they have mastered the art of questioning everything they read and hear.

6.) Panic – In real life, things almost never go according to plan. This often leads to high pressure situations especially in business. Successful people know how to remain calm in times of crisis.

7.) Light-hearted indifference – Successful people do not use self-defeating phrases such as “whatever works”, “doesn’t matter” and so forth. Instead, they use compelling phrases such as “can do better”, “it is possible”, etc.

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