Porsche unveils five new Cayenne models in Nairobi

Porsche Cayenne
A Porsche Cayenne. PHOTO/FILE
Porsche Centre Nairobi has unveiled five new Cayenne models targeting growing demand from private companies and wealthy individuals.

The Cayenne GTS, Cayenne S, Cayenne Turbo, Cayenne Turbo S and the Cayenne V6 are retailing at between Sh9.5 million and Sh22.5 million, inclusive of taxes.

The Cayenne V6 has the lowest price tag while the Cayenne Turbo S is the most expensive.

Porsches are popular among enthusiasts seeking trendy, fast cars with some of the German models able to hit 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds.

“The new Porsche Cayenne embodies the ultimate Porsche traits; class-leading performance and outstanding drivability,” said Manvir Baryan, the managing director.

Kenya’s luxury car market has registered a significant amount of growth in recent months buoyed by a rising number of high income households.

Sleek cars such as Jaguar F-Type, BMW 7 Series, S-Class Mercedes and Porsche with showroom prices of up to Sh36 million are increasingly finding their way into the Kenyan roads pointing to a pent up demand for these brands among wealthy citizens.

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Although these machines are not globally recognised as luxury cars, they are locally considered luxurious in Kenya since only a few wealthy individuals in the country can afford to maintain them.

Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce and Bently are the true definition of luxury cars.