KenGen plans to build 400MW wind farm in Meru

Wind farm
Phase one of the project is set for completion in Dec 2017. PHOTO/FILE
KenGen, a state-owned energy producer, has announced plans to build a 400 megawatts (MW) wind farm in Meru as it seeks to increase its renewable energy capacity.

The NSE-listed firm is aiming to hit a target production of 3000MW by 2018 in a bid to meet the anticipated high demand for electricity as Kenya works toward meeting its Vision 2030 goals.

KenGen chief executive Albert Mugo recently said the phased project will be financed by a consortium of lenders, including France’s Development Agency (AfD) and Germany’s Development Bank (KfW) – who were in the country this month to conduct a due diligence on the project before releasing funds.

“The first phase for a 50 MW-100 MW project will be financed by concessional funding which is low cost,” Mr Mugo said adding that KenGen had already installed wind masts on site which have been collecting data since 2013.

A feasibility study done two years ago found that there is enough wind resources to develop up to 400 MW from the area.

The Kengen wind farm in Meru, whose initial phase is scheduled for completion in December 2017, is tipped to be the country’s second largest wind farm after the 300-MW Turkana wind farm.

KenGen operates a 25MW wind farm in Ngong, which makes it the only producer of wind energy in the country so far.

The company is diversifying to inexpensive sources of electricity mainly wind and geothermal in a bid to cut out the high-priced diesel generated energy.