Who should buy the latest Porsche Cayenne?

Porsche Cayenne
A Porsche Cayenne. PHOTO/FILE

If you have been casting envious eyes on those Porsche Cayenne being driven along the Uhuru Highway in Nairobi, you may be wondering if you could fit such machines into your budget.

Firstly, a carefully spec’d Cayenne starts at Sh7 million and with customisation the machine can cost upwards of Sh20 million.

According to data released by the Kenya Motor Industry Association (KMI), Porsche sold 27 units of its Cayenne models – priced between Sh10 million and Sh30 million – in May and June 2014, barely two months after opening its Nairobi dealership.

So who should buy a Porsche Cayenne? The answer is simple; anybody with money – and of course you have money. But before you go shopping for your ride, be sure to calculate all the costs that come with owing the car – not just the showroom price.

Here are four important considerations when buying a Porsche Cayenne.

1.) Fuel cost – Porsche Cayenne, like most top of the range cars, requires premium gasoline. The entry-level model is the 3.6-litre V6 Cayenne. The car’s fuel consumption is about 10 ltr/100 km (this may not be the case on Kenyan roads). With the cost of fuel in Kenya rising every other month, your fuel costs can quickly start tickling your bank balance.

2.) Insurance – At 7.5 per cent, the insurance bill for a Porsche Cayenne is no laughing matter. For a Sh10 million car, your annual insurance bill would be Sh750,000 – enough to buy your girlfriend a used Toyota Vitz Sports.

3.) Maintenance – To maintain Porsche Cayenne you will need very deep pockets. Oil change will cost you about Sh17,000. Tyres will set you back about Sh175,000 and you need them about every 14,000 kilometres, brakes about Sh70,000 to Sh100,000 – and that is just regular maintenance.

4.) Repairs – Be financially prepared to meet the costs of repairs that go beyond standard maintenance. You can slash costs by avoiding your dealer and taking your car to a repair shop. Unfortunately, a Porsche Cayenne cannot be serviced by hoi polloi mechanics and you will find yourself going back to the dealer.

Finally, the comfort, style and prestige of owning a Porsche Cayenne may in fact outweigh the high costs for you. Just keep in mind these costs before you go shopping for this great car.