How to make money from home

Make money from home
Writing product reviews is a great way to make money from home. PHOTO/FILE
Making money isn’t just about getting a high-paying job, it’s finding creative ways to solve other people’s problems.

And thanks to the power of the Internet, there are many ways to earn some extra shillings every month while maintaining your 8-5 job.

Here are some of common and not-so-common ways to make money after 5pm.

1.) Freelance work
As a cost-cutting measure, many companies are now seeking the services of independent contractors instead of hiring full-time employees.

Whether you are an accountant, graphic designer or business writer, there is a company out there looking to hire your freelance skills. Check out sites such as and for freelance jobs.

2.) Sell your unwanted stuff
Selling your unwanted phone or television set via or might get you some decent cash. This can work best for you if you have a collection of products that buyers cannot easily get elsewhere.

Most of these sites have no membership fees to join, and you will be surprised to find out the high number of people checking out the sites for deals.

3.) Flip a product
Buy under-priced items and resell them (on Olx or Ebay). Go to public auctions – you can find amazing deals here. Though its not always the case, you can easily find some incredibly cheap furniture, electronics or even a car that somebody else will be willing to buy off you.

4.) Rescue a battered product
Buy worn out furniture, house, car or electronics and fix them up for a great resale price. Although this requires some load of cash upfront, the returns can be spectacular. However, you should be careful when dealing with battered cars and electronics as some could be unfixable.

5.) Offer opinion
Writing product reviews is a great way to make some extra shillings after 5pm and it does not require any specialised training in writing. Completing online surveys can also be a great way to supplement your monthly income. Sign up with reputable companies such as Opinion Outpost, and ignore sites that ask you for payment.

6.) Start a small business

Are you passionate about anything? Weddings, writing, kids, you name it; you can pursue that passion by starting a small business.

You may want to start by designing your own website or creating an online store to market your product. Always keep in mind that well nurtured small businesses usually grow into big businesses.

7.) Offer services
Don’t be afraid to do odd jobs. Look for people who need help shopping, cleaning their carpets, filing their tax returns, etc. You can always find a customer – some of whom may become your regular clients.

Warning: Never participate in a get-rich-quick scheme! Remember, if the deal is too good to be true, it’s not good at all. Getting rich is hard-work.

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