Over 1m sign up for KRA iTax

KRA commissioner general John Njiraini.
KRA commissioner general John Njiraini. PHOTO/FILE
At least one million taxpayers have signed up for the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) electronic tax payment system iTax, officials said on Wednesday.

The portal, which was launched in July 2013 to enhance tax compliance levels, has a total of 1.1 million members who are now able to transact with KRA electronically.

“The significance of this is that as more and more Kenyans provide themselves with the opportunity to transact with KRA electronically, we can free our human resource to concentrate on creating more value addition,” KRA commissioner general John Njiraini said.

He said the iTax system had reduced returns filing to 67 minutes for monthly VAT returns and 72 minutes for Paye (pay as you earn), down from about nine hours per month.

The iTax system, which was rolled out as a compulsory filing platform for medium and large taxpayers in March 2014, has now been opened to all taxpayers.

“No manual NIL returns will be accepted with effect from April 2015 at any KRA office,” the authority’s communications manager Maureen Njongo said in statement last month.

The introduction of iTax is meant to make tax compliance easier while enabling KRA to detect non-compliance and tax evasion.

On Wednesday, KRA introduced several changes to the system to enhance compliance.

In the updated platform, the taxpayers will be required to use only their PIN numbers when submitting returns for Paye, Excise and VAT.

“The goal of the authority is to simplify the process to ensure more Kenyans are tax compliant. The iTax has enabled KRA to better understand taxpayer behaviour, which is critical in designing and implementing effective compliance strategies,” said Mr Njiraini.

KRA has been conducting iTax training in Nairobi and other major towns ahead of the major roll out this month.

The training is aimed at helping taxpayers to understand the iTax Platform before the closure of the old system, a task that will enable them to file tax returns efficiently.