How to sell your car online

Sell used car online
A clean used car attracts potential buyers. PHOTO/FILE
Selling a car is not an easy task especially when you need to dispose of your vehicle quickly.

Here are simple tips to help you sell your car online much faster and for better price.

1.) Determine the price
Visit a registered car valuer to determine the value of your used car. Once you get the estimate of your car’s worth, make your asking price 3-4% higher than the value to allow room for negotiations without you losing out.

Ascertain the minimum amount you are willing to take and stick to that amount. This way you’ll save yourself from from “sellers remorse” after selling your car.

2.) Clean your car
A clean used car attracts potential buyers. Make sure your car’s interior and exterior are clean before a buyer shows up. Tip: Most latent buyers are put off by viewing a dirty car!

3.) Spruce up the car’s engine
You may not believe it, but a clean engine makes potential buyers a lot more comfortable and irrationally makes them think the car runs better!

4.) Take pictures of the car
It is said a picture is worth a thousand words – and in the used car market it could be worth several thousand dollars. Nothing sells a used car faster than a great picture.

5.) Advertising
Having a nice looking used car does not help selling it. You need to spread the word out about the car. You should use both the modern and the traditional advertising methods to reach potential buyers.

The Internet offers a cost effective way to sell used car. There are many websites that offer classified advertising services ranging from free ads to affordable ad packages.

These include (not-free), (free), (free for consumers), (starting at $20), (basic ad cost $29), (starting at $20) and (starting at $40).

Traditional methods of advertising such as newspaper classifieds and signs in the window of your car can help spread the word out about the car.

Your relatives, friends, neighbours and colleagues can be a good source for sales leads for your car. Let them know your intentions and be honest.