Big ideas to make big money

How to make money
Making money is an art. PHOTO/FILE
Working on a full-time basis is the default setting in our society. However, there are many ways to earn a decent living (and perhaps become wealthy) without a job.

These include:-

1.) Stock Market
The stock market has been classified by many analysts as one of the best investment vehicles.

It has for many years performed better than real estate, gold, bonds and commodities.

But in order to obtain the stock market’s high returns, you have to survive the periodic market crashes. Stock market investing is ideal for investors who can bear the risk of losing their entire portfolio in a bear market!

When trading in the stock market, always remember that the value of a stock is determined by the amount of money someone else is willing to pay for the stock that you own at that particular time. In fact the whole system is driven by fear and greed.

2.) Real Estate
Real estate investing is currently a top priority among many investors. This is because of the growing demand for residential property occasioned by the increase in population and the rising rural urban migration.

The availability of property at bargain prices post the global economic recession makes real estate an ideal investment vehicle – providing you have a long term investment goal. You should consider buying property in developing countries where the economy is expending much faster.

3.) Mutual Funds
Mutual funds are very attractive investment ideas for the more conservative investors. With mutual funds, you get a variety of investment options; from small mid cap, medium cap to large cap investment portfolio.

Fund managers’ decisions concerning your investments can help make high returns on your investment. However, it is important to study the offer documents issued by the fund manager and act accordingly.

4.) Gold
Investing in gold is a great investment idea for investors wanting to park their funds in a more secure place. Gold prices are less volatile and the probability of getting good returns is very high.

Gold can be held in the electronic form instead of buying it and owning it physically for security purposes. As a gold investor, you will definitely make some decent returns by selling the commodity at higher prices.

5.) Deposit Schemes
Deposit schemes of financial institutions offer one of the best long term investments for investors. The longer your investment time period, the higher the interest given to you!

This investment idea is good for young people who have just started working because it gives them the chance to get liquid money to meet their immediate needs.