How to make money online

Make money online
Selling adverts on your website can be a very profitable business. PHOTO/FILE
The Internet has greatly revolutionized the world of business and you no longer need a huge amount of money to start an internet business.

Over the past few years, the world has witnessed the tremendous growth of Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter. These businesses, which were started by college students working from their hostels or garage, have now grown into global corporations.

There are many internet business ideas that you can try, and some don’t even require you to understand the technicalities of website creation.

1.) Offer professional services
These days almost any job can be done online. For example, if you are a journalist you can establish a communication consultancy business online. You can focus on writing press releases on behalf of other businesses or developing content for online-based newspapers and magazines. Whatever your field of training, you can always start an internet business offering professional services.

2.) Try affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is a very popular business. As an affiliate marketer you are required to refer prospective customers to a merchant (affiliate product seller). Once your referral buys the product, the merchant gives you a specified commission. Depending on the amount of business you refer to the merchant you can make a lot of money as an affiliate marketer. You should start by focusing on one affiliate product and promote it to as many prospective buyers as possible.

3.) Sell on auction sites
Selling products on auction websites is a great way to start your international business. There are several websites that offer auctioning services where individuals can place an item up for sale and let those who want to buy it bid for the best price. This business is best suited for items that are not easily available.

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4.) Sell ads on your website.
Selling adverts on your website can be a very profitable business. However, your website must have great content and high traffic to win the attention of advertisers. It is advisable to focus on a particular niche or topic so that advertisers can easily recognize the viability of advertising on your website.

5.) Sell digital products
Selling digital products is one of the most lucrative internet business ideas. You can set up an online shop to sell software, ebooks and other such items. Softwares are often quite expensive especially if they make a user’s work easier or protect personal computers from virus attacks. Ebooks are cheaper because they are easy to create, so you need to sell many copies to earn a bigger income.