How to market your startup without spending a fortune

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Quality content is a great marketing tool for a startup. PHOTO/FILE
No matter how good your products are, it will be difficult to make sales if people are not aware of what you have to offer. Marketing therefore plays a key role in the success of any startup.

Most new businesses lack the money to invest in traditional marketing methods such as TV, radio, newspaper and billboard adverts. As a result the businesses must act smart if they want to become and remain relevant in the market.

The following are some of the ways a startup can market its merchandise without breaking the bank.

1.) Customer referrals
Satisfied customers are the best and cheapest way to spread the word on your quality goods and services. Give your customers a remarkable customer experience that they cannot get from your competitors and they will not only come back but will recommend you to their friends and family as well. To boost the chain of referrals you can give incentives such as gifts or discounts to customers for any referral made.

2.) Social media
Facebook, Instagram and twitter are effective ways of increasing audience and potential customers for your brand. To gain a wide audience, you need to be consistent and regularly produce quality original content since social media users will always like and share great content.

In addition, do not just make posts and disappear, engage with people in all the platforms and reply to all their comments and queries.

3.) Content marketing
Regardless of the industry you are in, quality content is an excellent marketing technique for a startup. The content should be constant and should remain valuable and relevant to your target clientele.

You can set up a website or a blog where you can write articles and accept guest posts that will create more traffic to your site.

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You can also do guest posts on websites that have high traffic and are most likely to be visited by your potential customers. Magazines and newspapers are also good places to publish your articles for free.

4.) Contests and giveaways
People love free things. Contests where customers walk away with prizes are an easy way of creating viral brand exposure. Besides building your fan base, they provide an avenue for increased interaction with potential customers where you can get valuable feedback about your product.

Incorporate aspects such as voting through social sites so that contestants can share with friends therefore amplifying your audience.

5.) Online directories
After creating a website for your startup you can have it listed in a website that lists and provides information about businesses in your category. This increases your site’s visibility chances and creates a link between you and potential customers.

Online directories are indeed a very effective way of marketing your business over the internet with little time and money, which are in limited supply for most startups. To maximize on exposure, get listed in as many directories as possible.