Nyandarua to host Kenya’s first luxury cemetery for celebs

Angel figure at the Ohlsdorf cemetery in Germany.
Angel figure at the Ohlsdorf cemetery in Germany. PHOTO/COURTESY
Luxury cemeteries are increasingly becoming popular in developed countries as fabulously wealthy celebrities seek innovative ways to continue living a luxurious life even in death.

Locally, the idea of a luxury cemetery is in-existent considering that a majority of wealthy people prefer to be buried in their homesteads.

This is however set to change soon, thanks to a group of investors who are planning to set up a 69-acre private cemetery for men and women of means.

Dubbed Gates of Pearl, the high-end cemetery that has just been approved by the National Environment Management Authority (Nema), will provide 35,000 mausoleums for wealthy Kenyans seeking to “rest in luxury” next to Kinale Forest in Nyandarua County.

Private equity firm Fusion Capital is among the investors behind the project. The firm’s CEO Daniel Kamau recently disclosed that Peponi Investments – where they are a minority shareholder – will undertake the project whose majority owner is Alliance Capital Partners.

He said that Kenyans are increasingly seeking high quality cemeteries and this is a market that investors are looking to cash in on.

“We saw it as an opportunity and will break ground later this year to meet this need by giving our loved ones a decent burial,” Mr Kamau said during a recent property TV show.

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Gates of Pearl owners have hired two Canadian landscape architectural firms Birmingham & Wood Architects and Erik Lees & Associates to undertake the Sh800 million project.

“The memorial park will provide premium interment lots and memorialisation sites for families seeking to memorialise their loved ones in a secure and serene setting,” Alliance Capital Partners says on its website.

The cemetery, which has several rivers passing through it, will have a chapel, a fuel station and a restaurant.

It will cost upwards of Sh130,000 per unit with a single mausoleum having a lease of 50 years from the date of burial.