5 Mental tricks the rich use to make more money

Aliko Dangote
Aliko Dangote: The richest man in Africa. PHOTO/FILE
Making money is a mind game, says self-made millionaire Steve Siebold in “How Rich People Think”, a book he wrote after studying millionaires for more than 25 years.

Siebold says that it is not just the bank account balances that separate the rich and the poor – the two groups of people think differently.

“Getting rich begins with the way you think and what you believe about making money,” he writes.

These are five psychological tricks the wealthy use to make more money:-

1.) Rich people think of making money as a game
Rich people think of business, life and earning as a game — and “it’s a game they love to win,” writes Siebold.

“This is the reason millionaires still go to work every day chasing their next success. Money to these people is no more than a gauge that tells them when they have achieved their latest target.”

Siebold adds that the joy of playing the game (and winning) makes the rich to continually raise their level of expectation.

“The more excited they get, the harder they work and the more they succeed.”

2.) Rich people believe that making money is natural
According to Siebold, the wealthy believe that success and happiness are the natural order of life, unlike the middle-class who believe they must struggle to make a shilling.

“This single belief drives the great ones to behave in ways that virtually guarantee their success,” the self-made millionaire says.

On the other hand, the masses think they are not worthy of becoming rich. “Who am I, they ask themselves, to become a millionaire?”

3.) Rich people block out fear
Fear controls people’s lives. It forces people to dwell within their comfort zone. But to make it big you must step out of your comfort zone, and this requires you to block out fear of the unknown.

“The great ones are operating at a level of consciousness where fear doesn’t exist,” Siebold states. “At this level of thought, anything seems possible. Every dream that seems crazy to the masses looks surprisingly doable.”

The rich learn early in life that to make it big they must stop being average. They learn to move out of their comfort zone.

4.) Rich people believe there is no shortage of money
Rich people do not allow lack of finance to limit their ideas. If they come up with a great idea that requires huge sums of money, they “use other people’s money to make it happen,” he says.

The wealthy believe that money is always available to fund great ventures and so they are always scouting for great investments and “superior performers to make those investments profitable.”

5.) Rich people set their goals exceedingly high
Unlike the masses whose expectations are so low, the rich set their goals unreasonably high and they are up for any challenge.

Once they set ambitious goals, they quickly move to look for ways to bring their dreams to reality.

Siebold writes that: “No one would ever strike it rich and live their dreams without huge expectations.”

This is because ancient wisdom reckons that you always get what you expect. However, the masses limit their lives to poverty mentality in a bid to cushion themselves from failure.