MultiChoice East Africa cuts its Kenya DStv bouquet prices

DStv Kenya prices
The reduction in prices comes after constant hikes over the last few years. PHOTO/FILE
MultiChoice East Africa has cut down subscription charges for Kenya DStv bouquets by between 5 and 15 per cent as the company seeks to defend its turf and win over more customers.

The DStv Kenya price reduction, which takes effect on November 1, 2016, comes alongside a major content upgrade on all DStv packages.

According to MultiChoice East Africa regional director, Stephen Isaboke, the price reduction was in response to customer needs as well as the tough economic situation in the country.

“We have taken into consideration the current economic environment and financial pressures being faced by our customers and are responding to these factors to ensure we add further value and improve the way customers experience our business,” Mr Isaboke said.

DStv Premium bouquet, considered the best television entertainment experience in the country due to its world’s most popular international channels, got a 13 per cent price reduction from Sh9,400 to Sh8,180 and four additional high definition (HD) channels bringing to 16, the total number of HD channels in the bouquet.

The DStv Compact Plus received the biggest revamp with a 15 per cent reduction in subscription fees from Sh6,400 to Sh5,425 and an additional 11 channels.

Subscribers will be able to access documentaries, original series, local sitcoms and talk shows previously available on the premium package only.

The bouquet will also include more UEFA Champions League and Europa League matches on Supersport 4 and Supersport 6.

DStv Compact subscribers will now pay Sh3,550 down from Sh3,750, a 5 per cent reduction in subscription fees. Customers will also receive an additional 6 channels including ROK, Eva plus and B4U Movies. The Premier League and La Liga will still be available on the bouquet.

The DStv Family package has been reduced by 12 per cent from Sh2,150 to Sh1,900. It has also been enhanced with more sporting and best English programming entertainment on five new channels namely FOX, Supersport 4, B4U Movies, Eva and Eva Plus Channels.

The subscription fee for the cheapest bouquet, DStv Access, will remain unchanged at Sh1,050 but customers will receive a content boost of three new channels; SS4, B4U, and Eva Plus.

The reduction in prices comes after constant hikes over the last few years which MultiChoice attributed to the depreciating value of the shilling against major western currencies since the company buys most of its content in foreign currencies.

Last year’s migration from analogue to digital broadcast has seen a lot of competition in the industry due to the entry of new players who have taken up notable slices of the market including ZUKU, ADN, Star Times and BAMBA TV among others.

Subscription fee reduction in such a competitive market is a powerful enticement and is expected to cause ripples in the industry.